Let us Give you the Tools you Need to Start Living your Best Life Today.

Internal Strength will give you the motivation and skills you need to be able to rewrite your story, build self-confidence and set personal goals that will help you break your cycle and start living your best life, today.

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What We Do

The 10 Step Programme is the foundation of everything we do here at Internal Strength.  Having been delivered to thousands of people across both Australia and New Zealand, we can facilitate in-person group sessions or online via our website right here.  Additionally, we can modify the programme to suit difference industries, circumstances and wellness situations.  See below for alternative access to the Internal Strength Programme:   

We Coach.

We give leaders and managers the skills needed to recognise unwellness in others and help motivate them and their employees to take control of their future knowing their health and wellbeing is valued by the organisations they work for.  We can then help them to begin rewriting their life stories. 

We Speak.

We all sometimes need that extra bit of motivation and inspiration.  Paul will spend time one-on-one developing a session specifically with you, whether thats for yourself, your team or your whanau.  All based on your highest wellness needs.  

We Connect.

This is the full Internal Strength course delivered in person by Paul and his team of facilitators but done in groups of like minded people – be it sectors of business, educators, health workers, professionals or schools. 

Need Advice?

Want to know when the next course is that you could attend in person. Or perhaps you’d like more information about the online course?  Or, just not quite sure if the Internal Strength programme is right for you?  Please feel free to get in touch with Paul directly so he can answer any questions you might have first? 

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If You're Worried About Someone Who May Be at Risk or in Need of Urgent Help

If they are in immediate physical danger to themselves or others, call 111 now.  Alternatively other services that are available:

  • Lifeline: 0800 543 354
  • Youthline: 0800 376 633 or text 234
  • Alcohol & Drug Helpline: 0800 787 797
  • Womens Refuge: 0800 733 843
  • Rape Crisis: 0800 883 300
  • Plunketline: 0800 933 922
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“Paul has come home from Australia at the right time especially working within the wellbeing space. We must utilise his unique skills here in Aotearoa”.

Hon Jacinda Ardern, 2019

My Story

A two time NRL Premiership winner and star International rugby league player, Paul suffered two psychotic episodes and was heavily medicated over a five-year period. With his life derailed by psychosis, depression, anxiety and addiction; doctors advised Paul that he was destined for a life time on medication.  

Paul spent years of his life looking inwards for an answer to the mental struggles he endured each day.  Through a lot of introspection and learning Paul cultivated the techniques and tools that woke him to the realisation that we all have freedom of choice in our lives, and we once we understand how to do this on the daily, we have the power to control our lives and our mindset.