Birthright to Self-confidence, NZ Under 16s & 18s

Never forget where you came from.  20 years ago, Paul was in the same shoes as these youngest and had just been honored with the captaincy for the 1999 Junior Kiwis team.

A longtime has passed but it is fitting to realise just have far Paul has come within those 20 years and is now giving back to the game that taught him valuable life lessons. Paul shared with the future stars of the NRL the key values and tools to remain healthy and well on and off the football field, the importance of self-confidence but the most valuable tool was to make sure you find other passions away from footy especially education and setting up your future during their time in professional sport.

The NZ players were highly interactive with their questions and appreciated Paul taking the time out to join them during the week. The workshop went so well the New Zealand Rugby League are keen to use Paul’s services as an Ambassador to deliver his program to other regions around the country during 2019.

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