Here’s How We Can Get You Results

Our services focus on making a difference where it matters.

The Internal Strength program & service offering is all about making tangible difference in the lives of our participants, in the performance of their organisations, and in the quality of their whānau.

We are continually improving on a program that has been successfully delivered for years, to thousands of people throughout Australia and New Zealand, both in-person and online.

Here’s how we can help make a difference where it matters:

Leverage Our Wide-Ranging Experience

We deliver our program across sector, industry, and social strata – with organisations of all shapes & sizes.

Our mission is to serve, and together we can level up your teams and improve our communities.

Our services are tailored to your needs directly

Here’s who we help

Doing Good – For Good

We are proud and honored to work with notable organisations & people doing good in this world:

…Join them in making a difference for your organisation, your team, and yourself

Let us help you find the right programs & services to get the most benefit to your organisation & yourself:

Full Facilitated Course

The complete Internal Strength training, delivered in person by Paul and the I.S. facilitators.

Motivational Speaking

Custom-developed by Paul specifically for you and immediate leadership team, based on your highest wellness needs.

Remote Team Training

Internal Strength’s 12-Step Programme, available on-demand any time, to you and your team.

Leadership Coaching

Specialized workshops and in-person sessions (one-time and recurring) for your leadership team and key stakeholders.

Corporations, Government, and NGO’s

Professional Services & Programs

A successful organisation is one where every member, all throughout, is able to live their best life.

Our services & programmes can be tailored to corporate environments of all sorts, governmental organisations, non-profits & not-for-profits, as well as sports organisations of any caliber.

Ready to Begin?

Individuals, Small Groups, and Whānau

Small Group & Individual Training

Change happens one person at a time – and every person matters

Audiences, Television, and Media

Large Audience & Media Appearances

Paul captures audiences’ attention, delivering powerful messages and compelling content across a variety of mediums and demographics. From live presentations to large audiences, to recorded content, this is showmanship with a mission.

Ready for Your Next Step?

The Internal Strength team is ready to deliver our renowned programs to get you results.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation, and find out what Internal Strength can do for you.